1984 reflection paper

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1984 reflection paper

These omniscient entities continually monitor the movements, speech, and writings of every citizen. Through a simple, yet complex game that required each student to become a citizen of the fabled land of Oceania, I have learned how intricate it would be to live in an overbearing society.

As I readI had a much more vivid imagination of the book. The proles exist today, as they always have, and I suppose, as they always will. I understood the manner of the people. I understood the annoyances and ugliness of the reality that it shows.

1984 reflection paper

I particularly resonated to the description of the razor blade situation: Winston Smith represents the human spirit, this is explicitly said in the torture scene.

In numerous occaisions, Smith defies the party line, by writing his thoughts in a diary, and by having thoughts at all; he goes against the doctrines that are unquestionable by society.

The moral of the story is that the human spirit is mutable. Despite objecting against the party, every person, like the human spirit in general, has its limitation. The story of is the failure of the human spirit.

Average word count of an essay

Winston refused to be a martyr and accept certain death as an enemy of a party, but instead, it is uncertain if he ends up being killed by the party, but it is certain, that his spirit is killed when he defects to the party and his romantic love.

Re-writing history does make me think a bit. There are many people who question the figures about the deaths after World War II. A certain story about historical events are given and accepted. While it is in the space of historical debate and scholarship to question history and our interpretation of history, there is an almost unbearable prejudice and normative impulse to leave some issues as unquestionable.

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Although not as obvious as inI remember back in the late 90s how I heard two things: Contradictory to the point of being completely obscrue as to what the clear and balanced truth was.

The government ministries, whenever I hear the names of them, make me laugh out loud. There is a ministry for sport and a ministry for culture. I suspect that the culture secretary is a philistine fool, and I suspect that the sport secretary is pyhsically unfit. Although this is a personal insult more than an argument; a serious point must be made as to the kind of extent such a ministry can genuinely help rather than hinder the object of their ministry.

How much, for instance, can a ministry of sport help either an individual sport, or sport as a whole. There are some sports which are so established not to be really addressed by a government except when it goes wrong.

Football has a national and international federation where conduct is managed and there is some sucess to the bureaucracy of this organisation, insofar as football is a beloved pasttime.

A similar case may be said of Rugby, and to a lesser extent, Cricket. It is a fair point to make that sports that do not have commercial help do need governmental support.reflection essay.

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Feb 23,  · Throughout the thought police game, we got a small taste of how the citizens in Oceania live their lives. For me, the game changed the way I thought about my classmates and acted around them in the fear that they might report me to Big Brother.

Additionally, I can only imagine the fear of someone.

Essay on Orwell's themes and the nature of humanity. Critisism wanted and needed. In , George Orwell warns of the death of the individual that is caused by the This is an obvious reflection of our own ruling class’ capitalist fundamentals.

Through this one concept, individuality, self-worth, and self-expression are sacrificed for. Our postmodern society has become dependent upon twenty-first century technology. This technology is developed to make our lives easier, more efficient, to encourage communication, and to enhance the quality of experience.

by George Orwell Words | 3 Pages. is a cautionary tale, where Orwell is warning the society of possible government takeover. This novel caution people to keep in mind the actions that government is taking.

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