An argument on why prostitution should be decriminalized

Internationally, the number was estimated over 40 million people in by Sisyphe.

An argument on why prostitution should be decriminalized

Report this Argument Con I am glad to be debating again after such a long time, and hope this will be an enjoyable debate. I was unable to contact the instigator, but I will assume as Pro, she should make the first argument. I look forward to an engaging debate. Anyhow, on with the debate!

As there is not enough room, this round I will post arguments for prostitution in general from the perspective of consenting adults who wish to work as prostitutes, and next round I will address those who are harmed by the industry.

Final round I will post arguments in terms of benefis for the general public a third party and philosophical considerations. Con may choose to use a similar organization or not, whatever seems appropriate. I will also generally refer to them as women, as the majority of sex workers are women and the issues that accompany the work impact them more greatly than their male counterparts.

These include personal choice and interest in the profession, as well as financial pressures that An argument on why prostitution should be decriminalized people turn to prostitution when they normally would have not. While there are absolutely those who enter the trade by choice, and they deserve the right to do their work, there are a sizeable amount maybe a majority who turn to it due to financial pressures, and it is those people we should be most concerned about and consider most how legislation impacts them.

This creates a situation where clients, pimps, and other parties can feel free to abuse them with no fear of punishment or legal action. As expected by this dynamic, available evidence suggests decriminalization results in a decrease in violence surrounding involved parties Cunningham.

Indoor sex work, including brothels, call girls, escorts, and others, generally does not have these issues. Some prostitutes feel validated and empowered by their work. In some studies, a large percentage of indoor workers report and increase in self-esteem after they began working in prostitution, state that they are very satisfied with their work, or feel that their lives improved after entering prostitution.

Escorts … took pride in their work and viewed themselves as morally superior to others: Plenty of evidence contradicts the notion that prostitutes, across the board, are coerced into the sex trade, lead lives of misery, experience high levels of victimization, and want to be rescued.

These patterns characterize one segment of the trade, but they are not the defining features of prostitution. While outdoor sex work tend to be harmful and unpleasant, indoor sex work is the polar opposite, and it appears that sex work in and of itself does not, despite popular misconception, cause any harm.

Weitzer Stigma, however, can cause harm.

An argument on why prostitution should be decriminalized

The stigma surrounding sex workers that is supported or exacerbated by its criminalization has the potential to negatively affect the emotional health of workers. In a comparison of cities in Australia, where decriminalized, more workers reported making use of a health center for safer-sex training and information and more had access to free condoms than the city where it was criminalized Harcourt.

In California and New York, carrying a condom on your person can be used as evidence in a court of law that you had an intent to commit prostitution. In other states, sex workers report not carrying condoms for fear of police harassment Wurth.

As you might expect, this discourages sex workers from using contraception. With the pressures to avoid carrying condoms combined with the increased availability of them, and of safer-sex education, issues of STIs in the sex industry should decrease exponentially.

Cunningham, Scott and Shaw, Manisha. Weitzer is a sociologist at George Washington University who specializes in criminology, police-minority relations, and the sex trade.

Condoms as evidence of prostitution in the United States and the criminalization of sex work.

Published online May 24, The trick is to make sure you have the time before you consider accepting debates. I don't have the same level of structure that you or other debaters might have, but I will be using three main points; Firstly, it's fairly safe to say that women don't become prostitutes out of want for sex.

It's usually one of two things; they need the money, or they're forced into it. The force comes from either a case of a boyfriend becoming a pimp or a kidnapping-trafficking ring. Right now, it's one of the most horrific work environments.

I'll start with financial necessity. If a woman must become a prostitute out of need for money, surely, the focus should be on erasing the need for such a job, rather than making the job safer. I'm sure I don't need to diverge on a speech about the objectification or buying of women for you to know it's not a morally justifiable business.

The second part, the trafficking, I will use Amsterdam as reference. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. There are regulations there for the prostitute, a district for their business, and it would seem the chief example for the Pro side. However, Amsterdam features a large amount of sex trafficking as well, which is in essence, slavery.

An argument on why prostitution should be decriminalized

Amsterdam has actually been limiting prostitution now, inthey halved the size of the window brothel market. It's not a nice business.Decriminalising all aspects of prostitution – including brothel-owning and sex-buying – will, according to this argument, make life safer for these women, and .

Photo courtesy of Deanna Trombley / Daily Titan. Prostitution is commonly known as the “oldest profession.” Although mankind has been divulging in this act for centuries, the concept of paying for sex still continues to strike many as taboo. They just tend to add a religious or fabric-of-society argument.

All of the arguments against legalized prostitution are bad. The only question that anyone should be asking is, who is prohibition. They just tend to add a religious or fabric-of-society argument.

All of the arguments against legalized prostitution are bad. The only question that anyone should be asking is, who is prohibition. Consensual exchanges of sex and money among adults should not be a crime.

But this is not the same as legalizing prostitution, which involves permitting third parties — e.g., a brothel, escort agency, licensed procurer, etc. — to organize and profit from trades involving personal sexual services. Prostitution Policy: Legalization, Decriminalization and the Nordic Model Ane Mathieson Easton Branam Anya Noble prostitution is a consequence of social, political, and economic inequality theoretical argument as the basis for their policy stance on the decriminalization of.

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