Aviation spare parts supply chain optimization

Hamburg is home to one of the major Airbus sites as well as several suppliers, and also serves as an important international logistics node, which makes the city one of the natural choices when it comes to hosting a conference for the aerospace industry. With more than attendees and many industry-renowned speakers, the Aviation Forum is the perfect event for networking with supply chain professionals and getting valuable insights regarding the future of the aerospace supply chain. Since it is one of the major trends of our time, digitization served as the guiding theme that ran like a thread through almost every presentation, workshop, panel discussion and conversation on the exhibition floor. While this suggests a digital future for the aerospace supply chain in general, the coming years will show some more specific trends emerging that also, more or less, have to do with digitization.

Aviation spare parts supply chain optimization

They get many awards for his or her functional efficiency and it has contributed too much to their success. Behind all this success there are numerous tedious jobs of aircraft maintenance, fixes and services. Each and every airline requires normal maintenance to ensure functional smoothness and safety.

This maintenance process range from regular servicing of aircrafts, change of broken parts, repair of ruined parts, etc. Also to allow this process of maintenance, Cathay Pacific requires a sophisticated spare parts management process. They have one free parts management process but it offers some drawbacks and certain issues have to be addressed to refine the process and to increase its efficiency.

First main point is that these aviation free parts is very expensive and so has very undesirable effect on Cathay Pacific's balance sheet. They have got sufficient inventory of the extra parts but which significant ratio of parts are dead and inactive stock.

They can not simply be rid of the parts because for aircraft safety certain parts are necessary and can be required anytime. They can't earth the plane for long time as costs of aeroplanes Aviation spare parts supply chain optimization and grounding the plane are very high.

The usage structure of these extra parts is highly unpredictable and therefore, future demand forecasting is one of the challenging duties for Cathay Pacific.

Aviation extra parts are mainly divided into two categories Critical and non-critical. Critical free parts market is principally dominated by the OEM Original Equipment Producer suppliers while there are many suppliers for non-critical free parts and the switching option is obtainable.

However, this switching option is not advised as these switching costs are extremely high. Robert and Paul need to be addressed all these issues but there are other issues and factors they have to consider.

To begin with for critical parts they have to consider the choice of outsourcing the maintenance of rotatables or getting service packs where the OEM provides option of overhauling. For non critical parts, they have to think about cutting down their suppliers.

Cathay Pacific has around suppliers. Cathay Pacific utilize it system for spare parts management nevertheless they don't have collaborative IT system which facilitates communication between Cathay Pacific and their suppliers.

In addition they need to consider this new green movement. They need to reduce their carbon footprint to lessen new environmental taxes and also save a large number of kilometres and therefore, fuel prices.

Some of the options they have are to do tipping point examination. It is an end-to-end diagnosis of the resource chain management process. It's very beneficial to determine at what point certain parts are had a need to make available or to keep forward to reduce enough time and transportation costs.

This action of earning the parts available closer to demand helps minimizing travel and carbon emissions but only at the increased inventory costs. They curently have increased inventory costs thus this can not be very difficult for the coffee lover.

However, there are other options available to further reduce high inventory costs. Other available choices are global sourcing. This means reducing the amount of suppliers and the selection of suppliers that are spread around the world. Cathay Pacific already has its hubs in various continents.

Selecting the suppliers' close to these hubs is a good move around in the process of amelioration of supply chain. This will help to reduce the links in the existing supply chain also to reduce the amount of the quest.

Wall membrane of Jaguar Land Rover talks about, "Now you can't just look at the purchase price of parts, but you have to check out the full total landed costs including freight, packaging, traditions and the cost of going back any unique containers.

The alliance of different airlines will also be useful to decrease the suppliers' power in case there is critical parts and also help show the inventory of free parts. They are already doing this and also have to continue to market such types of activities.

As Judy Blackburn, head of the united kingdom logistics team at Kurt Salmon Associates consultancy company explains that whenever two or more competitors get together and combine their logistics procedures and transport systems, they can save roughly percent in travel costs.

Alternative party logistics can be considered a great option as they may use the knowledge of other company for these extra parts management and can focus on their primary business.

What is Cathay Pacific purchasing electricity in aviation spare parts procurement? What are the possible alternatives for advancements in the procurement process?Welcome to A viation-S pare-P arts PTY LTD, Our goal is and always has been to provide a cost efficient professional service to our customers on a regular basis.

Aviation spare parts supply chain optimization

We provide a range of aviation related services and are in the business of helping our customers reduce overheads and achieve the best possible outcomes for the various services we provide . Cathay Pacific Airways Limited is a very profitable airline and has its business all over the world.

They receive many awards for their oper. Supply Chain Optimization. Supply Chain Management.

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