Characteristics of spirituality

Same But Different In some ways we are all the same.

Characteristics of spirituality

Theology in Action by Dr Alex Tang 1. It is Trinitarian, incarnational and grace-filled living. It is theology in action. Christian spirituality as defined by others: It begins with a divine call, rebirth and conversion John 3: It requires divine grace and our willing co-operation.

It involves our inner and outward lives. It involves the integration of ours lives as we are Characteristics of spirituality restored by the Holy Spirit.

The goal is to become more like Christ Eph 4: Essentials of Christian Spirituality 2. Characteristics of Christian Spirituality 3. It is a prophetic spirituality.

Characteristics of spirituality

It is an empowering spirituality. It is also mutually empowering, affirming other people and facilitating their blossoming.

It is a contemplative spirituality. It emphasizes moments of reflection, meditation, and contemplation — being present to the Present, a constant awareness of the absolute within us, who is the inexhaustible source of joy, love, and energy and makes us committed but carefree.

Christian spirituality is not monolithic. As each person is different, even with the identical theological beliefs and emphasis, his or her spiritualities will be influenced by his or her temperament, social, financial, educational, denominational and cultural context.

Hence on one hand, we can speak of Christian spirituality and on the other hand, we speak of Christian spiritualities. It is a spirituality that transcends Good Friday and is infected with the fearless joy of Easter. It resists the forces of death and promotes the enhancement of life.

It feasts more than it fasts. It is not so much control as surrender.

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It is not cold asceticism but a celebration of life. Biblical Basis of Christian Spirituality 4. We must not separate intellectual study of divinely revealed truth and contemplative experience of that truth as if they could never have anything to do with one another. On the contrary, they are simply two aspects of the same thing.

This fallacious division perhaps explain much that is actually lacking in both theology and spirituality. But the two belong together. Unless they are united there is no fervour, no life and no spiritual value in theology; no substance, no meaning and no sure orientation in the contemplative life.

It is very important that any passage in the Bible must be interpreted correctly. The common error is to take a passage or a verse out of context to support our ideas. God will hold us responsible for how we interprete the Bible.

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We must allow the Bible, which is the Word of God to speak for itself. Eugene Nida, executive secretary for translation of the American Bible Society was responsible for shaping translation of the Bible in various languages. In an interview with Christianity Today Oct.

Therefore, we have to understand the cultures of the New Testament period if we are going to understand what the writers were trying to say….

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Here are a few practical characteristics of religious spirits and how they can be recognized.

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1. Religious spirits have no authority in Jesus Christ. Jesus hated religious spirits. Jesus was not a. Spirituality, Religion, and Aging: Illuminations for Therapeutic Practice by Holly Nelson-Becker is a highly integrative book written for students, professionals in aging, ministers, and older adults themselves.

Readers will gain the knowledge and skills they need to assess, engage, and address the spiritual and religious needs of older persons. Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Culture Sam Ebenezer stared at the resignation letter on his desk. It was the third one this month, this time from the head of his housekeeping staff, Martha.

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