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Growth Milestones Birth Comparasion wks 2 Weeks The Beagle is born without sight eyes stay closed and the pup has no sense of smell.

The newborn also has no baby teeth yet. Completely dependent on its mother, the pup will stay close for warmth and nutrition.

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If rejected by the dam, it will be the owner of the litter to keep the pup alive by tube feeding or bottle feeding. Newborns must be handled very gently; however touching should be done, it is essential to gradually teach them to be accustomed to the human touch as it is the very beginnings of socialization.

Each puppy should be weighed each day to ensure that they are receiving enough nutrition. Hearing is developing as well. Still staying near its mother, the Beagle puppy will begin to move around, perhaps venturing away just a bit. In Comparasion wks cases, at this point, the pup is not barking.

Human touching should increase, to allow the 3 week old Beagle to slowly become accustomed to human touch and voice. The 4 week old Beagle is now vocal and wants to explore the world.

An extra box can be added onto the whelping box to make a "play room" for the litter.

Comparasion wks

Littermates are now playing with each other, learning important socialization skills. The most important one is the act of biting. When a pup "play bites" another pup, it will be the sharp "Yelp" that lets the puppy know that they bit too hard. While still receiving nutrition from the dam, weaning will slowly begin.

The pup will receive mom's milk but also begin eating a soupy mixture that perhaps the pup for a day not long from now when he or she is independent. Human socialization is very important beginning at this age and on. If the pup will be going to a new home, it is at this age up until 8 weeks that the owner should be preparing the puppy to become used to normal household noises, having its paws touched, gently being held, etc.

The first de-worming should be done. Tired of the whelping box, the pup wants to explore the home. Care must be taken to puppy-proof all rooms that the Beagle pup has access to.

The weaning stage is almost done, as the pup's main source of nutrition is a mush of puppy food and milk replacer. In many cases, the entire litter may be paper trained although outside training should begin at 8 weeks old. The pup should be responding to its name and socialized to all touching and normal household noises such as the doorbell, TV, washing machine sounds, etc.

At 6 weeks, the 2nd de-worming should be done.

Comparasion wks

He or she is becoming used to its name and to simple commands. The pup understands where the food and water dishes are. He or she wants to play and have a human connection. It is at this age that most puppies if not staying at their original home will be ready to join their new family.

The 3rd de-worming should be done. The 4th de-worming should be done. The pup should be understanding simple commands and should be adjusted well to the home.

House training should be mastered, it may be normal for a few accidents to still occur especially if the pup is left alone for more than 4 hours. The 5th de-worming should be done. The change should take place over the course of several weeks.

Combine both foods and slowly make an increasing change of puppy to dog food ration, until the Beagle has become used to its new food. While the dog's weight gain will be much slower now, the dog is filling out as the skeleton system is reaching maturity.

The last de-worming will be done unless the dog develops worms at a later stage in life. It is recommended to offer a steady walk of 1 mile and a 2nd dose of cardio exercise.

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