Describing a person you admire

For that, I am thankful.

Describing a person you admire

I know I have. Not all compliments are created equal. When you receive a great compliment, you feel absolutely incredible, as though all self-doubt just melts away. After my recent guest post on TinyBuddhaI got an email from a reader named Karen who told me that my writing made a difference in her life.

Man, was I beaming after that. It happened a couple days ago and I still feel wonderful because of it. After reading this post, you will be armed with everything you need to know in order to deliver that perfect compliment.

Benefits Of Giving Good Compliments Compliments should come from a place of genuine desire to make other people feel better.

In fact, praising others has many benefits. Meet New People Complimenting a stranger is a great way to open up a conversation and make new friends. How many of those people do you have a real connection with?

Compliments make other people feel good, and then that person associates you with that feeling. This makes them a great way to bridge the gap between stranger and friend.

3 Easy Ways to Describe a Person's Physical Appearance

Praise is an important part of the relationships you have already established. When you say nice things to your friends, they like you more for it. Makes You Happier It feels great to give compliments. Sure, if you force yourself to say something nice, you may not be any happier.

But when you truly feel that someone deserves a compliment and you give it to them, you become happier. Why might this be the case? I have a few theories, but ultimately I think it stems from a feeling of congruence between your thoughts and your actions.

If you think highly of others and express those feelings, it makes the positive thoughts stronger. Stronger positive thoughts means more happiness for you.

Builds Self-Esteem Sometimes complimenting others can be challenging. It takes a certain amount of cojones to go up to someone and say something nice about them. By actually doing it, you show yourself that you have what it takes to impact the lives of other people.

On top of that, a genuine compliment involves noticing the good in other people. As you become more proficient in finding positive aspects in other peopleyou get better at seeing positive aspects of yourself. This is a simple matter of practicing the art of giving compliments regularly.

Describing a person you admire

But when you make the people around you happier, you can get some pretty sweet side benefits. Hairstylists compared the tips they got when they complimented their customers versus when they did not compliment them. In this study, tips were significantly higher when the hairstylists used compliments1.

This is obvious when you consider the extreme case of a socially withdrawn individual who hates everyone. The more you like about other people, the more opportunities you have to compliment them.

Right now, I want you to think about your best friend. What do you like about this person? What makes them so awesome in your mind?

You just need to open yourself up enough to notice. From now on, make it a point to find at least one good thing about anyone and everyone who you interact with. To reframe an experience is to take a situation and interpret it in a new light. I suggest you take a look at it, learn the technique, and immediately begin applying it to your relationships.

A second technique to further develop this mindset is to start paying attention to the compliments that you receive.

Take note of the praise that others give you.Aug 22,  · Person I Most Admire. The Person I Most Admire Do you know the person who taught me how to tie my shoelaces?

23 Adjectives and Idioms to Describe People Positively in English

He is the one who I is my father. My father is the most important person in my life. He is the one who raised me, looked after me, showed me the right way, gave me advices, supported. IELTS Cue Card Sample - Describe a person whom you like to work or study with Details Last Updated: Monday, 12 February Written by IELTS Mentor.

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THE PERSON I ADMIRE MOST “ If you can’t excel with talent, triumph with effort. “ This is the philosophy my mother always stands by, and the guidance that leads us through life. Although she is no other than just a common person, she holds special significance and has the deep attachment with me.

Jan 06,  · WRITING - Describing People How to Describe a Person in English Basteln mit Papier Recommended for you. ليش القسمة على صفر غير معرّفة؟. After you’ve watched the video and reviewed the key vocabulary, think of someone you admire very much. Perhaps it’s your best friend, your boss, or your aunt.

And then tell me about this person. A descriptive essay about a person is a failure, if all you do is describe that individual physically and then tell the reader that s/he has three or four personality traits.

Physical descriptions should be revealed indirectly, and those three or four personality traits must be shown be .

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