Gerald manley hopkins the windhover essay

He was raised in a prosperous and artistic family. He attended Balliol College, Oxford, inwhere he studied Classics.

Gerald manley hopkins the windhover essay

Share via Email A kestrel in flight. He had been a student at St Bueno's Theological College for three years, and this was a productive period: Hopkins seems at ease, fully in control of the energies of his sprung rhythm and effortlessly folding the extra-metrical feet he called outrides see line two, for example into the conventional sonnet form.

He recognised his own achievement, and, sending a revised copy to his friend Robert Bridges, declared that this was the best poem he'd ever written. Much discussed and interpreted, "The Windhover" plainly begins with, and takes its rhythmic expansiveness from, a vividly observed kestrel.

That the bird is also a symbol of Christ, the poem's dedicatee, is equally certain. Perhaps too, its ecstatic flight unconsciously represents for Hopkins his own creative energy.

When he exclaims "How he rung upon the rein…" his image might extend to the restraints and liberations of composition.

The phrase means to lead a horse in a circle on the end of a long rein held by its trainer, and it certainly makes a neat poetic metaphor. What a marvellous sentence Hopkins sets soaring across the first seven lines of the octet: The diction throughout is rich and strange: There are resonant ambiguities: The metaphysics may be complex but the imagery of riding and skating are plain enough.

The wheeling skate brilliantly inscapes the bird's flight-path.

A Short Analysis of Hopkins’s ‘The Windhover’ | Interesting Literature

It's important to our sensation of sheer, untrammelled energy that we see only the heel of the skate, and not the skater.

Empson wrote that he supposed Hopkins would have been angered by the bicycle-wheel comparison, but I am not at all sure he would have been: Christ's Passion is central to the poem, the core from which everything else spirals and to which everything returns.

The plunge of the windhover onto its prey suggests not simply the Fall of man and nature, but the descent of a redemptive Christ into the abyss of human misery and cruelty.

References to equestrian and military valour the dauphin, the chevalier evoke the Soldier Christ, a figure to be found in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola which Hopkins devotedly practised.

The swoop of this hawk-like dove is essentially spiritual, of course.

Gerald manley hopkins the windhover essay

But the poem doesn't forget or devalue the "sheer plod" of the farm-labourer — another alter ego, I suspect. It's remarkable how the sestet slows down without losing energy. Instead of flight there is fire: The adoring "O my Chevalier" softens to a Herbert-like, tender "Ah my dear".

And now the great impressionist painter, having so far resisted any colour beyond that suggestive "dapple-dawn", splashes out liberally with the "blue-bleak" embers and the "gold-vermilion" produced by their "gall" and "gash" both words, of course, associated with the Crucifixion.

Gerald manley hopkins the windhover essay

Again, there is terra firma as well as metaphysics.A summary of “The Windhover” in Gerard Manley Hopkins's Hopkins’s Poetry. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Hopkins’s Poetry and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

Gerard Manley Hopkins was both a Jesuit priest and a poet. His poem,“The Windhover” covers only a tiny span of time, the few seconds that the kestrel hangs in the air as it seeks its prey.

The moment leaves the narrator breathless - Gerard Manley Hopkins: Sprung Rhythm and “The Windhover” introduction. Hopkins brings the reader into the . Essays and criticism on Gerard Manley Hopkins - Gerard Manley Hopkins Extended Critical Essays.

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Born in Stratford, Essex, to Manley and Kate Hopkins, Hopkins was the eldest of nine children. Beginning in , he attended to Cholmeley Grammar School in High-gate, where he excelled in his.

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