How to improve your pronunciation

If you mispronounce a lot of words, people will have to hard time understanding you. So in this training video, I talk about the first step you must take to improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent. I wish I had done this before I started practice speaking English. Had I done this first, I would have fewer pronunciation mistakes and bad speaking habits.

How to improve your pronunciation

A lot of you ask me questions about how to improve your accent. Christina, how can I make my accent better? Can you teach me to speak like you?

First, let me tell you a secret Your accent is probably not your biggest problem when you speak English. This happens to me all the time when I speak French! Lots of successful people have accents when they speak English!

Like Jackie Chan or Salma Hayek. Instead, focus on this: The music of English Do you know why songs in English are so popular all over the world? Probably because American groups export their music to every possible market on the planet in a conspiracy to take over the world.

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It has rhythm, it has a beat, it has accentuations and lots of up and down intonation. The English language is just like music.

And this music is what makes you sound better, more natural when you speak. Watch the episode for this part. That 3rd syllable is stronger and a little longer. And if we put it in a question: I know, BIG surprise, or not.

Spoken English is messy. The sounds blend together and what you hear is nothing like what you read. And speaking with these chunks, or sound units is the key to sounding natural. Probably in school, you learned English by reading and writing a lot more than by speaking and listening.

So you learned to separate the units of the language by words. You see each word on the page, with space between each word. But when you speak and hear English, these spaces disappear, the sounds run together fluidly.

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How can you improve your pronunciation now? This takes regular, consistent practice, but the good news is, you can start immediately. Focus on the sounds of how I speak, the music of my English, the intonation and syllable stress.

Just cover them with paper, or close your eyes. And listen and repeat, trying to imitate the music of my English. And really exaggerate it! You need to train your mouth, your tongue, and your voice to make this music and to speak in sound units, or chunks.

Improve with poems Listen to the musicality of the poem, read along with the audio, and try to make the same rhythm, accentuation, and intonations.How to Improve Your Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation.

As China becomes a leading world power of the 21st century, Mandarin is becoming an important language to know. Whether you're in business, politics, or another field, a basic knowledge of Mandarin can help you a lot.

One of the hardest parts of learning Mandarin is the pronunciation. First, let’s be clear, you cannot improve your pronunciation in 3 days. This takes regular, consistent practice, but the good news is, you can start immediately.

Here’s an exercise for you: Listen to very short extracts of this week’s episode, like 3 to 5 seconds. Learn this technique to improve your Spanish accent.

For practice, listen and sing along to Spanish songs, play game shows at home, or talk back at your favorite telenovela to get the feeling. The more you practice blending and linking your words, the more natural it will feel. Because of hearing always the right pronunciation, you will have a certain feel for your learning language (- after a while).

5) Have conversations with language partners. A language partner could help you to improve your pronunciation skills. He could correct your mistakes and can show you how to pronounce a word like a native.

Cedric talks about it in the video …

6) Read a book. First days I was feeling frustrated because of my pronunciation, my grammar, but after that I’ve started to speaking with my colleagues.

How to improve your pronunciation

It was inevitable, doing mistake,and I was surprising to see my colleagues doing grammar mistakes. Launch Your English: Dramatically improve your spoken and written English so you can become more articulate using simple tried and trusted techniques.

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation Today