Importance of the play environment having policies and procedures that reflect legal requirements

Introduction This application for leave to appeal against the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal concerns the nature and scope of the obligations of environmental authorities when they make decisions that may have a substantial detrimental impact on the environment. It arises out of a decision by the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment, Mpumalanga province the Departmentthe third respondent, to grant the Inama Family Trust the Trust 2 authority in terms of section 22 1 of the Environment Conservation Act, ECA 3 to construct a filling station on a property in White River, Mpumalanga the property. Section 22 1 of ECA forbids any person from undertaking an activity that has been identified in terms of section 21 1 as one that may have a substantial detrimental impact on the environment without written authorisation by the competent authority. The relevant authority has a discretion to grant or refuse such authorisation.

Importance of the play environment having policies and procedures that reflect legal requirements

Forms are also a part of the policy and procedures manual Example policy and procedures manual Following is an example of a policy and procedures manual from the Carmen Poldis Community Centre. The contents page shows you everything detailed in the manual, while the extracts give you examples of policies about what is expected of service users clients the rights of the workers at the centre the responsibilities of the same workers.

If you get the opportunity through a CSI related job or vocational placement, ask to have a look at the policies and procedures manual for the organisation.

The written documents can vary dramatically depending on the: Working within organisational policy and procedures is not as simple as reading policy and procedure manuals.

Policy is not just the written word. For example, the organisation may have a written policy that staff meetings occur every second Wednesday. However what you notice is that all staff members go to the staff room and an informal catch-up about recent events and team tasks occurs over lunch a couple of times a week instead of at a formal meeting.

If you were to go out every day for lunch, you would miss this valuable networking time. To ensure that you are always working within policy and procedures, you need to: Working within agency policies and procedures The following activity explores the importance of working within organisational policy and procedures.

Activity Julie is a disability worker in a respite care facility for young people with a disability. She has recently started her job. One day, she is the only staff member on duty at the house when there is a very unpleasant altercation between two of the residents. Both of the young people involved have a significant intellectual disability and difficulty in communicating their feelings.

Julie makes a mental note to mention it to her supervisor when she is next in. Julie comes in the next day to find that the staff members on the next shift were not aware of the incident and organised for the two clients involved to move into the same room.

Importance of the play environment having policies and procedures that reflect legal requirements

Apparently one of the clients became very distressed and ran away, leave the night staff very perplexed. What are some ways that Julie could have found out what the relevant policy and procedure is in relation to this situation?

Lack of adherence to policy and procedure can cause embarrassing blunders that damage your own professional reputation and even worse, cause harm and unnecessary angst for the clients. Agency policies and procedures for accepting clients into the service One of the most critical client-focussed policy and procedures is the policy outlining the process of how clients are accepted into a service.

This is an important area to maintain consistency of approach between workers in a service and ensure that the client is given a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities if they do choose to become involved with the service. In other words, it is about ensuring that clients are accepted into the service on the basis of clear transparent eligibility criteria and that they have a clear understanding of what is involved in accessing the service.

Policy and procedures regarding this issue should contain guidelines about: This may be a client handbook or pamphlet, containing information about the staff, the programme, expectations of clients and grievance procedures. Information needs to be provided in a way that is meaningful to the client.

For example, translated into different languages or in pictorial form for people with a severe intellectual disability.

This may take the form of a contract. Why is this policy is important? The more transparent the process from the start, the more likely a service will attract appropriate referrals, prospective clients will be treated equally, clients will have realistic expectations and be empowered to seek the support they need.

Importance of the play environment having policies and procedures that reflect legal requirements

Remember, first impressions are always important! The more organised, systematic and thorough you are in the initial entry and assessment process, the less capacity for misunderstandings later on.

Organisational policies and procedures relating to conflict There will be times hopefully not often when you are unsure about what is expected of you in the workplace. Sometimes colleagues might also ask you to do something that may not be your responsibility. This kind of confusion leads to conflict if it is not resolved.

Always use your job or position description discussed earlier as a point of reference. We feel much more comfortable in the workplace when we know what is expected of us! Activity You are working in a drug and alcohol community education service where you have been employed for a few weeks. One of the workers who has been working in the service for a number of years asks you to attend an interagency and promote a new education programme coming up.About VanderHouwen VanderHouwen is an award-winning, Women-Owned, WBENC certified professional staffing firm.

Founded in , VanderHouwen has been successfully placing experienced professionals throughout the . Oct 15,  · Taking steps to meet your legal obligations might seem like a management no-brainer, but only fulfilling your minimum requirements might result in .

Each service needs to have policies and procedures to help them guide the actions of all individuals involved in the service. They ensure and endorse the well-being of all families, children, staff, volunteers and everyone who is connected to the service.

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Bureau) is amending certain mortgage servicing rules issued by the Bureau in This final rule clarifies, revises, or amends provisions regarding force-placed insurance notices, policies and procedures, early intervention, and loss mitigation.

A communications gap has kept environmental, population, and development assistance groups apart for too long, preventing us from being aware of our common interest and realizing our combined power. The purpose of healthcare policy and procedures is to provide standardization in daily operational activities.

Through our many years working with policies and procedures it has become clear to us that they are essential in providing clarity when dealing with issues and activities that are critical to health and safety, legal liabilities and regulatory requirements.

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