More cases of battered husbands coming to light

March Battered Husband Introduction When we think of abuse or domestic violence, we often hear men or think about the husband being the victim. Yet as years goes by, given the privilege to women as being equal to men the issue coming out into the light that many husbands are victims of spousal abuse, as well.

More cases of battered husbands coming to light

A man who was raised to never raise a hand in anger to a woman, no matter what, is abused by his wife because she sees his unwillingness to defend himself as a sign of weakness, and takes advantage.

I have also seen it in the court system.

More cases of battered husbands coming to light

Although more even handed than years ago, men who report being physically abused are often laughed at by police, in particular if the responding cop happens to be a woman, or if there is a significant size difference between them, him being the larger. If it does go as far as court rarely the first thing the judge usually asks is, "What did you do to her to set her off?

I am sorry about what happened to you. No one deserves to be treated the way your ex-husband treated you. But that's the point. No one deserves to be abused.

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And the fact that some men suffer abuse at the hands of their wives does not in any way negate the suffering of women at the hands of abusive husbands. The issue of abuse should not be treated as some zero-sum game.

The variety of experiences people can have do not negate each other. Here are some examples: Wife A murders her abusive husband. Wife B is abusive and ends up murdering her husband as an escalation of her abuse of him. Wife C commits suicide because she can't deal with being abused anymore.

Wife D commits or attempts suicide as a manipulation tactic. All of these events are possible. Wife A's experiences do not negate the suffering caused by wife B.

It is good that the courts are overall beginning to take the experiences of more people seriously. The answer is to take things on a case-by-case basis and see what stands up to the facts.

No one should be dismissed, ridiculed or automatically believed out of hand. Men are claiming abuse, even men who have financial resources to escape but don't.

I am amazed at the people of both sexes crying abuse, when nothing, not even a lack of funds. I guess now with women earning more than men in some cases, now the women are now abusive.

But what is the bottom line is that the person with lesser or no earnings at all is usually most often abused. So, whenever that reality exists, wake up. You can afford to get out; do so.

I cannot live the rest of my life this way. I have staples getting taken out of my head later this week.

More cases of battered husbands coming to light

I had an altercation with her last week. I had gone to sleep on the couch after an argument, only to be woken up getting by getting kicked in the head. I tried to block the blows with my hands and she grabbed something -- I'm not clear what yet -- and started hitting me, splitting my head open.

I managed to get out of the house and call I didn't want to press charges, but there was so much blood. The state took over and pressed charges and I have no say in the matter. But this is just the latest and most severe in a string of incidents.Amidst the cascade of high-profile cases of domestic abuse in the recent past, it is easy to forget that, not too long ago, Americans didn't view domestic abuse as a problem worth talking about.

Domestic Violence Against Men Is The Most Underreported Crime by Tom James, Esq.

Men battered women, but this happened in the privacy of home and within the intimate confines of marriage. Battered men need more political voice The mistreated people in our society are often overlooked due to the fact that they lack a strong political voice to inform the public about the atrocities against them.

Because this happens, these people need a greater political voice. I feel that the. In France, battered husbands were once made to wear ridiculous costumes and ride backwards around town on a donkey.

35 Although this practice has been discontinued, there is still a very strong social stigma that attaches to being a male victim of domestic abuse, a . Dec 11,  · I have read and heard many cases of battered wives but not of battered husbands.

The first time I heard of a case of a battered husband was about 12 years ago when I was still working for Food and Drug Administration in caninariojana.coms: 3. come popular with public agencies trying to diffuse criticism from the women's movement of ] Battered Women, Dead Husbands sent the final blow for battered women who kill their mates.

Oct 27,  · A battered husband will often spend more and more time at work, or take up a hobby outside of the home. In order to avoid potential conflicts, he may decide to sleep in the family car or spend his waking hours in a private den or office.

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