The cruelty of circumcision

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The cruelty of circumcision

The principal conclusions are: Uncircumcised men start masturbating at a younger age and throughout life masturbate more often than circumcised ones.

Circumcised and natural men masturbate in different ways. Some of these differences are pretty much what one would expect: Other differencess are less obvious - circumcised men like humping the bed or playing with the frenulum more than natural men do, while the reverse is true of pulling down hard on the shaft skin.

Those with long or tight foreskins are more likely to leave them forward when masturbating. On the other hand, men whose glans automatically uncovers on erection are likely to stroke the glans alone, dry, whilst men who use lube on the glans alone need to pull the skin back first.

Circumcision styles make a lot of difference to masturbation techniques. The obvious one is that pumping the skin is easier with a loose circumcision whilst rubbing with a lubricant is preferable with a tight cut, but during the study a number of factors were discovered that are much less obvious: Whether or not the frenulum has been removed makes no difference to stimulation of this area of the penis, neither does the tightness or looseness of the circumcision.

But it is essential that there is some inner skin present for this technique of masturbation to work - a scar which angles up under the glans is not compatible with this technique. Soreness from masturbation is almost entirely a problem of uncircumcised men. Conversely, masturbating a tightly circumcised penis with lubricant is a sure-fire way of avoiding soreness.

Infant circumcisions can be tight or loose and the scar can be close to the glans or well down the shaft. Medical assistance with retracting a tight foreskin is invariably a failure in the long term.

Circumcision is the only solution to this problem. Almost all men involved in the study enjoyed masturbation, however they did it and whatever sort of penis they had. Hopefully this report will give you some ideas to improve your pleasure, or to give greater pleasure to your partner.


Full Report The survey form went out in three main versions, with some minor revisions within each. The second and third versions were the most widely circulated and therefore account for most of the replies. The forms were posted to the Circlist email discussion group and on the newsgroups alt.

Only 30 of the circumcised men were cut as infants, while 58 were done as adults, at ages ranging from 20 to Five men had been cut as boys before age 10, and another 5 before age 14; most of these were a consequence of unambiguous foreskin problems.

Seven were done as older teens, aged 15 to 19; it seemed that one or two of these were carried out for religious or ritual reasons. The proportion of men cut as adults is not typical of the general population but it is probably a close reflection of members of the CIRCLIST discussion group who made up a large proportion of the respondents.

Masturbation - how is it for you?

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Circumcised men masturbated less often, on average, than naturals - 23 times a month against This has been a consistent feature in all my surveys.

There is a confounding factor here since so many men were circumcised as adults.Baby Circumcised "By Accident" in Miami Hospital NICU (that profits $$$ from circumcision surgery), occasionally their babies are circumcised nonetheless.

The cruelty of circumcision

This is a horrific violation of human rights and patient rights. i'm glad now that we have groups to help INFORM people of why this is straight cruelty to your child. Reply Delete. Circumcision Alone a Jew Does Not Make. By Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant.

and I do not join with those who oppose circumcision on grounds of cruelty. For parents who wish to have this procedure for their children for other than religious reasons, they, too, have that right.

FGM is illegal

Tag: circumcision. Search for: Bioethics News The patient was a year-old man who had had to have his penis amputated after complications following circumcision. According to a spokesperson from the University, around penis amputations are performed in South Africa as a result of problems related with circumcision.

Cruelty at home. Whether or not male circumcision amounts to mutilation is a subject of academic debate. The Danish Society for General Medicine has declared non medical male circumcision an ethically unacceptable mutilation while the Maiming of animals by their owner falls under the Cruelty to Animals Acts.

Facts and statistics We don’t know how many girls and women are affected by, or at risk of, female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK. However, we can look at what we know about FGM in other countries and use it to estimate the scale of the problem here.

A jury found accused mutilator Khalid Adem guilty today. After deliberating for about four hours the jury of seven women and five men found Adem guilty of aggravated battery and cruelty to.

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