Usc transfer essay 2013

November 30, Last Minute Application Tips! Grades and test scores are important in the admission process; there is no doubt about that. At this point in the process, high school seniors should focus their attention on the presentation components of the application:

Usc transfer essay 2013

Requirements for Graduation Catalogue Regulations, Policies and Procedures In addition to degree requirements outlined below, undergraduate and graduate students are also subject to current catalogue regulations, policies and procedures.

Examples include, but are not limited to, the policy on the grade of incomplete and graduation with honors.

Unlike degree requirements, changes in regulations, policies and procedures are immediate and supersede those in any prior catalogue.

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Graduation Date A student will be awarded the graduation date for the term in which degree requirements, including submission of Usc transfer essay 2013 documents, have been met.

Students wishing to change the degree date from that indicated on the STARS Report should file a Change of Information card with the revised degree date. Degrees are not awarded retroactively.

Discontinued Degree Programs Students pursuing major or minor programs that the university discontinues will be allowed to complete them within a specified time limit. Usc transfer essay 2013 time limit will be specified at the point of discontinuance of a major or minor program and begins at that point.

Closed Record The academic record of a student who has completed the program of study or ceased attendance is considered closed. This includes, but is not limited to, such things as change of name, registering in additional course work, resolution of marks of incomplete IN and missing grade MGdeclaration of minors, etc.

Degree Requirements Undergraduate degree requirements consist of grade point averages, residence requirements, general education requirements, the writing requirement, the diversity requirement, pre-major and major requirements, and minor requirements.

Undergraduate students may elect to follow a the degree requirements in the catalogue current in their first term of enrollment after admission or readmission at USC or b degree requirements in a subsequent catalogue as long as they were enrolled in a term in which it was in effect.

However, students may not mix catalogues. An exception is that students may follow the requirements for a minor from a different catalogue year than the major; and students pursuing two majors may follow major requirements from different catalogue years.

Occasionally, general education requirements are changed or a degree program is discontinued. Therefore, undergraduate students who do not complete their degrees within six consecutive years from the beginning of the semester of their first completed USC course work will not be allowed automatically to continue following their pre-major, major and minor requirements as specified above.

This time limit includes semesters during which students are not enrolled. The pertinent department chair will decide what pre-major, major and minor requirements each student must follow and communicate the decision to the student in writing.

Students who do not complete their degrees within 10 consecutive years from the beginning of the semester of their first completed USC course work will not be allowed automatically to continue their general education requirements.

Usc transfer essay 2013

The General Education Office will decide what general education requirements each student must follow and communicate the decision to the student in writing.

A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2. The university will not deviate from policies governing the calculation of the grade point average through inclusion or exclusion of course work.

Unit Requirement Students are required to take a minimum of baccalaureate units at the undergraduate level of which not more than four units may be physical education units. No more than 8 units of dance technique courses DANC through DANC and comparable transfer courses may be applicable toward an undergraduate degree.

Students must also complete all upper division course work in the major at USC. The university will not deviate from the minimum unit requirements stated above or the additional unit-specific requirements. Some disciplines require more than the minimum requirements.

Check individual department listings for specific requirements. Unit credit indicates the number of semester units earned in the course; these units may or may not be applicable to the degree. Degree credit indicates the units are applicable to the degree.

Additional specific information is included with the information on individual majors. Diversity Requirement The diversity requirement must be met by all students who began college at USC or elsewhere in fall or later.

The list of courses and further details about meeting the diversity requirement are found here and here. Gateway Course A gateway course is a lower division 3—4 unit course that introduces and showcases the minor or major curricula of an academic field of study.

Upper-division Major Course Work The university requires that all undergraduate students successfully complete at USC all the upper division courses that are applied to their major.

Substitution of a comparable upper division course for a required one may be entered in the STARS exception process by the departmental adviser with the support of the department. Substitutions and waivers of USC or transfer courses for upper division requirements for majors are to be limited to a combination of 25 percent.

Substitution of courses with the same departmental prefix are exempted from this limit. Lower division courses cannot be substituted for upper division course requirements. Students who decide not to complete a declared minor must formally drop the minor program.

The following guidelines apply to minor programs: The number of units unique to the minor after any departmental waivers or substitutions must total at least 16 units.

Usc transfer essay 2013

A higher minimum may be required by the sponsoring department or unit. The student receives a separate minor certificate for each minor program completed.Triepels Slagwerk - Geleen Limburg,Uw Drumspecialist, Drumstel kopen, boomwhacker lessen.

Write Powerful Transfer Essays Transfer applicants must write powerful essays to get into the colleges of their choice. They should NOT reuse high school college applications essays because the prompts differ and colleges are looking for different qualities.

The admissions essay is a part of the application that can make you stand out as unique even among a large group of similarly qualified applicants.

It may be called a letter of intent, personal statement, or personal narrative, but always provides an occasion to establish your own personal voice and. Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and The college is located in the city of Fullerton, California, in northern Orange campus is within walking distance to Downtown Fullerton..

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