Ushna amin essay

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Ushna amin essay

Rucha Pachunde Hambire Objective: Study of neurosonography findings in very low birth weight neonates requiring respiratory support in level 3 NICU Methodology: Supninder Kaur Teaching involves different skills and teaching can be made creative in order to grab the attention of the student and develop their potential.

Creative teaching requires continuous efforts on the part of teacher as it is the development of new techniques and ideas of teaching. The present study was conducted on a sample of B. The analysis of data revealed that there is significant difference in the attitude of B.

Ed students towards creative teaching with respect to locality i. Ed students towards creative teaching. Sandeep Tukaram Ghatge, Dr. Bhoite Ushna amin essay paper focuses on how information system is beneficial for undergraduate colleges. The purpose of designing and development of a Computerized Information System for undergraduate college s provides a simple interface for maintenance of student information.

It can be used by educational organization or colleges to maintain the records of students, Faculty and staff etc. The students information is important for colleges as well as universities.

Computerized information system deals with all kind of student information details, academic related reports, college details, course details, semester details, attendance etc. It tracks all the details of a student, from day one to the end of the course, which can be used for all reporting purpose, tracking of attendance, exam details in system.

It also facilitate us explore all the activities happening in the college, Different reports and queries can be generated based on vast options related to students, course sfaculty, examination of semesters for the entire college.

It has been a favourite topic for botanists and geneticists since Darwin who first discussed this phenomenon and suggested its central significance during the evolution of flowering plants. Different genetic and mechanistic systems of SI among different plant families suggest either multiple origins of SI or considerable evolutionary diversification.

Within the last two decades, molecular and biochemical analyses which have significantly contributed to the elucidation of the complex series of interactions occurring at the pollen-stigma interface. Molecular analyses of self incompatibility systems have focused on identifying and characterizing the pollen and pistil components of the self-incompatible response as well as other proteins and events that lead to pollen rejection.

In this review, an attempt has been made to provide a comprehensive insight for the molecular dissection of this important mechanism for its utilization in crop improvement. Rajeev MM Disasters disrupt the physical and social environments that shape health and social problems. Post disaster issues related to the distribution of emergency aid have not been studied systematically but are likely to affect communities after a disaster.

The common issues that elderly people face post disaster situations are financial issues, sexual health issues, emotional concerns, physical abuse and related issues.

Social isolation puts people in a situation where they are predisposed to be more vulnerable to the risks of a disaster. Here the author specifically elaborates on the various issues of the senior citizens associated with disasters.

The example from recent natural disasters in India such as Tsunami disaster inUttarakhand disaster inlandslide disasters in various parts of the Kerala and other states in the last few years, and the recent Chennai floods clearly show the significance of the issue that needs to be addressed.

Ushna amin essay

Community networks and programmes that addressed abuse and related issues before the disaster should be identified, revitalized and strengthened through training and support.

A strong net work starting from neighbourhood groups can go a long way in formulating, and implementing care group activity.

The Government too should pass laws against the abuse of elderly and abusers punishable with stiff punishments. Already, there are laws in place which protect senior citizens, if their children abandon them.

These laws need to be strictly implemented. Also, newer laws which give more comprehensive protection to senior citizens need to be enacted especially suitable to the pre and post disaster context.

Effect of irrigation and levels of fertilizers application on growth and yield of zero tilled cowpea Vigna unguiculata L. Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli during Rabi season of to study the effect of irrigation and levels of fertilizer application zero tilled cowpea.

After harvesting of rice, cowpea was sown on zero tilled condition. Results revealed that application of two irrigations at branching and pod filling recorded significantly higher growth and yield attributes resulting in higher grain Application of per cent RDF below seed placement recorded significantly higher growth as well as yield attributes resulted in higher grain Thus, the study revealed that during Rabi hot weather season cowpea crop grown under zero tilled condition should be provided with two irrigations at branching and pod filling stage along with per cent recommended dose of fertilizer Where is Allah?

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Oct 06,  · Ek chup so sukh novel by Sabahat Yasmin Online Reading Download free online Urdu books, free online reading. Nazish Amin (3) Nighat Abdullah (28) Nighat Seema (28) Nimal by Nimra Ahmed (21) Nimra Ahmed (27) Ushna Kosar Sardar (10) Yaaram by Sumera Hameed (4) Yasmeen Nishat (1) yasmin Nishat (2).

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