Video game cafe business plan

Work through the sections in any order that you want, except for the Executive Summary, which should be done last. Skip any questions that do not apply to your type of business. Do share your plan — don't keep it to yourself. Do follow an outline; don't go overboard.

Video game cafe business plan

Learn how to open a game center business — Gaming parlour business plan Gear up your motivation for your new business Starting your new business has always been exciting, daunting and definitely an interesting venture.

If you are thinking to start your business, you may think of starting your own video game parlour as it is a good venture to begin with without the added hassles of stress and strain.

They video game cafe business plan even come to your outlet to upgrade their old gaming box in exchange of a small fee. But gaming is a popular partime among people all across the world and India is not an exception here.

Due to high pricing of the top rated games, a large share of the community are not able to afford them as a result of which they mostly depend on the local gaming centres. So, you can exploit this opportunity of launching a small gamimgcentre which would not require any particular qualification or training but earn you a good profit at the end of every month.

This is because there are numerous game parlour that dies out within a short time while there are others that are striving to make a living out of the gaming stations.

video game cafe business plan

The best choice would undeniably be having a computer and console station with a food lounge. LAN gaming is widely favoured by all and most people cannot access it from their homes. But it is imperative to consider that gaming computers are too expensive and have a shorter lifespan compared to the general advancements in hardware and games.

On the other hand, console seems sensible in India and offers more durability and better gaming experience and food lounge could act as an added benefit and you can keep it if your budget permits.

Unlike any other business that offers tempting products, a game parlour has no scope to save the overhead costs by setting up an online store. You will have to either rent, lease, buy or build up a brick and mortar store at an area that is susceptible to maximum volume of traffic. Location of your gaming station is of paramount importance as it draws a fine line between your success and failure as a gaming business owner.

Having a gaming parlour located within the compounds of a healthcare centre is also plausible as it would become easier for the parents to manage their kids who are bored and throwing tantrums. But remember that such elite locations would unambiguously require a huge capital investment and if you do not possess such whopping funds, you may apply for loans in banks or any other financial institutions.

A viable alternative to all these extravagant zones is setting up the new business nearby a school which improves the chances of garnering your business by the teenagers who are the main target audience of online games.

You may also consider getting into some kind of business franchise agreement with any of the gaming development corporation that is striving to expand on both local as well as national level. This is particularly suitable for those who are looking for better technical and marketing support along with a wider reach of audience.

video game cafe business plan

Reach out to all you can Once your gaming zone is set at the right location, you would have to make arrangements to reach out as far and wide as possible. Half the game is already yours if you have managed to set it up at a posh location with high traffic flow and you will need a very little promotion and marketing as people would automatically come over to try out your services.

And if you can offer a reliable and friendly service along with myriad choices under each category of game, the other half is won as well. You will have to arrange for professionally designed pamphlets, billboards, flyers and everything else so that people get to know that you exist.

You may also take aid of the newsprint and television commercials to spread the word about your gaming parlour. You can also launch some kind of loyalty program and referral schemes where the person who can bring another customer would enjoy certain benefits or you can also allow one hour of free gaming after playing for a certain number of hours.

But no matter what, never agree to let anyone come and use your services on credit even if you lose that particular customer. It is always better to lose a user than losing him with lots of dues.

Get your business profit margin right The gaming industry of the country is now worth crore INR and is rising at a rate of healthy 30 percent which according to the experts can grow up by percent. The growth projections even seem better and the gaming market is striving to hit a massive crore INR by end.

Given such a lovely prospect of gaming industry of the country, this is the right time for you to invest in your gaming venture. Like all other business, you will not be able to see profits right from the start, but you can surely reap in benefits within a year or two if everything goes right.

Educate yourself to stay ahead of problems This also refers to the infrastructure you will need to run your gaming parlour business effectively. The first thing you will need is an entertainment license from the local governing authority to save yourself from all sorts of future troubles.

It is better not to invest too much on furnishing as people would be more interested in playing games at your store.Oct 15,  · Epic! Gaming Lounge and Café is DFW’s premiere gaming center.

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Period. With 20 PCs, over 40 consoles, an Internet Café, and too many screens to count, Epic! is the perfect name. How to Start a Game Room Business. 47 comments; hi, i'm looking for new ideas on how to start a business plan and were to buy equipment. um staying in botswana''ghanzi''. HELLO, I'M IN MAUN BOTSWANA I WANT TO START TO RUN A VIDEO GAMES ROOM AND INTERNET CAFE HELP ME OUT WITH THE QUOTATIONS FOR GAMES ROOM EQUIPMENT FIRST.

This business plan assumes that the business will receive a 10 year loan with a 9% fixed interest rate. Mission Statement Gaming center, Inc. is designed to provide customers with an exciting array of video console games while concurrently providing a safe and enjoyable environment.

It also provides a step-by-step plan for the business start-up, establishing favorable sales numbers, gross margin, and profitability. This plan includes chapters on the company, products and services, market focus, action plans and forecasts, management team, and financial plan/5().

Business Plan “Gaming Lounge and cyber cafe” In LPU WannaBuy Mall Made by: Section Q NirmaL (), AnirudH, RitESH, Vikran, Meera,Suryabha, And TAnya.

Gaming Futures, LLC computer programming business plan executive summary. Gaming Futures is a start-up computer programming studio providing application development/support for the major computer/video game platforms/5(14).

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